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Customer Support

Complete outsourcing of customer support with AI integration. Utilize KSG’s customer support call centers and leverage AI to provide consistent, excellent customer support to your customers.

Technical Support

Create a full scope technical support system with KSG’s AI chatbots, AI voice capabilities, and traditional call centers to satisfy your clients technical support needs.

Custom AI Optimization Tools

Work with KSG’s AI experts to create custom automations for your business. Use AI to optimize inventory pricing, create a recommender system for your website, or utilize time series forecasting all from your own private data lake to ensure the security of your data.

Business Accounting Automation

Use KSG’s accountants and AI system to create unique Key Performance Indexes for your business and receive a monthly performance report to ensure that you are on track with your business goals. At the end of the year use KSG’s third party auditing service to file your taxes.

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