Business Accounting

Profit Center Focused

Receive monthly financial documents to keep track of the health of your business’s profit centers.

Designed For Franchise

Work with an accounting system acutely designed for businesses with multiple services.

Track Your Business's KPI's

Identify the appropriate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your franchise and stay informed with monthly updates on your KPI objectives.

Tax Auditing

 Automate your auditing process and effortlessly file your business taxes

Using KSG for your business accounting needs will help you make better informed management decisions, understand all of the profit centers of your business, and save time when filing taxes.

Powerful Decision Making

Utilize actual business transaction data to delineate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that inform your franchise business management strategies. Rest assured in the confidence of your business decisions, supported by tangible financial data.

Understand Your Profit Centers

Receive assistance in constructing a precise chart of accounts, segregating your profit centers into distinct entities. Additionally, benefit from a monthly Profit and Loss statement that enables you to monitor the performance of individual services effectively.

Auditing and Tax Services

Leverage our dedicated tax team for year-round auditing support, always ensuring compliance. When tax filing season arrives, rest assured knowing that we'll have all relevant documents prepared, allowing you to remain focused on business growth.

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