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Kinetic Solution Group

The KSG Team comprises close-knit friends and associates driven by visionary concepts in artificial intelligence, fueled by the prospect of cultivating stronger relationships through business ventures. Drawing from diverse backgrounds in business ownership, investment, and data science, our team is uniquely positioned to deliver innovative AI solutions that revolutionize business operations.

All customer contracts are owned and processed by the KSG headquarters located in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico. Rio Grande sits on the edge of El Yunque national rainforest, the largest rainforest in North America. Rio Grande translates to “Great River” because of the river that runs through this beautiful tropical town. The river is called “Rio Espiritu Santo” which translates to “Holy Spirit River”. This river begins at the highest point of El Yunque and flows 3,524 feet down to the Bahia Beach Bay where it pours out into the Caribbean Sea. The KSG team is grateful to live in Rio Grande and to help the local community thrive by employing locals and investing in the town.

Global Reach with a Local Touch

Our global presence ensures that we are where your customers need us to be. With state-of-the-art nearshore centers, we deploy skilled professionals who deliver empathetic, culturally resonant, and efficient customer service. Our teams are not just support agents; they’re brand ambassadors trained to understand the nuances of your business and your customers’ expectations.

Why We Nearshore

Kinetic Solutions Group recognizes the imbalance of the cost of labor in the United States versus other parts of the world. There are certain services in the U.S that are overpriced and under delivered. Colombia offers a labor force that produces high quality work and offers this labor at a fraction of the cost due to it’s the low cost of living. KSG has created an avenue for companies to leverage this valuable quality of Colombia.

Where We Nearshore

All of the KSG offshoring facilities are located in Bucaramanga, Colombia. We chose this place to set up our facilities because of its reputation for producing a high-quality labor force. Bucaramanga also operates on the Atlantic Standard time zone which allows for instant commination between American teams and outsourced teams. Bucaramanga provides a high standard of living for employees making it the perfect location for nearshoring.


Our Team

Phil Grace

CEO, Co-Founder

Our co-founder and tech industry veteran. Originating from the United States, Phil started, grew, and sold a successful tech company before transitioning to investments. Currently based in Puerto Rico, he actively contributes to the local business scene. Phil’s commitment goes beyond borders, with a passion for Colombia, where he aims to invest in and empower communities. His entrepreneurial expertise, bilingual capability and global vision drive our company’s mission for positive impact, both locally and internationally.

Feisar Sanabria

Head of Colombian Operations, Co-Founder

A dedicated co-founder with roots in the vibrant city of Bucaramanga, Colombia. With a profound love for his hometown, Feisar is driven by a vision to foster economic growth and bring business opportunities to Bucaramanga. Growing up in Colombia he developed a passion for fùtbol and played at the collegiate level in Bucaramanga. Feisar has become a capable, bilingual businessman which has made him the perfect point man for all KSG’s nearshoring operations in Colombia. His leadership and passion for his home city are instrumental in shaping our company’s mission to create positive impact and drive growth in Bucaramanga and beyond.

Tobin Leslie


As President, Tobin will lead and oversee various strategic initiatives, including sales, business development, and corporate growth. He will work closely with our talented teams to develop and execute innovative strategies aimed at expanding our market presence and driving revenue growth. Additionally, Tobin will be responsible for fostering key client relationships, identifying new business opportunities, and ensuring the delivery of exceptional value to our clients. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Tobin will play a pivotal role in shaping the future direction of our company.

Viviana Saldariaga

Sales Specialist

Viviana Saldarriaga is an International Business graduate with a focus on Economic and Administrative Sciences from the Universidad de Medellín. Renowned for her exceptional social responsibility and relationship-building skills, she exceled as a Marketing and Public Relations Specialist at PivIT Global and Data Cloud Partners, overseeing public relations and supply coordination for the Caribbean and Latin American region. With previous experience as an Administrative Analyst and Regional Commercial Manager, Viviana combines her knowledge of market dynamics with a passion for innovative solutions in telecommunications and data service industries. Her professional ethos is characterized by empathy, ethics, and a love for engaging conversations over coffee.

Austin Grace

Project Manager

Our dedicated project manager and recent graduate from Texas A&M University. Austin brings a fresh perspective and a passion for business development to our team. Honored to be part of an elite group of businessmen, he is committed to leveraging his skills to contribute to our company’s success. Austin is not only driven by professional excellence but also has a deep-rooted belief in deploying AI solutions for the betterment of business practices across the globe as a means to support both family and communities.

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